Incartecs communication specialists aim to offer the highest degree of expertise, experience and professionalism in dealing with your hands free mobile phone kit requirements.

To comply with the latest government registration regarding mobile phone use in vehicles we offer a comprehensive range of options to suit your particular requirements. Whether your phone use is private or is required as a business tool we could offer you a solution that suits you.

We offer only non destructive installations for both fixed or blue tooth hands free kit and use a radio muting interface were ever it is possible. All of which can be fitted on site or at your own location.

We offer fleet arrangements for the company purchaser with multi vehicle requirements.

We are also a happy to offer the facility to fit your own hands free kit products and offer a de and reinstallation service.

We are main stockists for premier hands free brands such as Nokia, Parrott, THB Bury and many more. See links for more information.